• Upcoming: FIELD Visit at Good Practice and Dialogue Oriented Workshops

    This visit will take place on 30th November. 

    The field visit is the second part or follow up activity to the SUSY Dialogue Oriented Workshops will took place in June 2016. 

    The DOW was organized in the framework of four summer workshops organized by Kopin and SKOP(the Maltese Development NGO Network) to support Malta’s upcoming European Presidency, since we wanted the outcomes of the DOW to feed into a wider advocacy strategy supported by the SKOP and Action4Sdgs network.

    The content of the workshop was Social economy and opportunities for Europe’s migrants as this topic should be one of the EU Presidency Priorities for Malta.

    We invited a number of stakeholders however, even though the turn-out was lower than expected(13 instead of 20), the organizations that were represented were extremely high profile and the discussions were very interesting and fruitful. Many important private sector stakeholders, para-statal and union representatives attended. This was large due to the collaboration with the Action4sdgs project which raised the profile of the event.

    Since the national platform of development NGOs is executing a project to raise awareness on the EU Presidency with civil society, this was a great opportunity for visibility and advocacy for the project. 

    The participants were encouraged to enter the #ConnectfromtheHeart Challenge for World Refugee Day which was posted on social media(SUSY and Kopin Facebook page). The objective of the social media challenge was an expression of the importance to fight hate speech especially the one directed against refugees.

    A presentation of the SUSY project was given during the workshop by the National Focal Point.

    A report was written summarizing the discussions and the outcomes were incorporated in a final report of all four workshops which will be published, printed and submitted to MEPs, the Malta Foreign Affairs Ministry and other political stakeholders. Therefore the DOW also had a large advocacy component.

    Free SUSY Film Screening in collaboration with Valletta Film Festival


    What if telling a story that gives hope by pointing out solutions was the best way to solve the ecological, economical and social crises that shake our world 

    The film Demain or Tomorrow, follows Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, in search of creative solutions to mitigate the impact of the ecological, economic and social crises that our countries are going through. The film follows their investigation across ten different countries, in which they figure out what may lead to the possible extinction of a part of mankind before the end of the 21st century, and above all how to avoid it.

    The film was screened on 6th June in St George Square.

    It was introduced by Tim Lewis, movie director and activist, through his movies he advocates for the recognition of the rights of indigenous communities. He is the co-director of Handcrafted Films, with which he produced documentaries for a wide range of international charities, government agencies and the arts sector. Filming semi nomadic communities in the rainforests of Borneo, interviewing refugees on the Thai-Burma border, climbing volcanoes and glaciers in Iceland or following civil rights campaigners through war torn Liberia and the Congo.







    Past Event: Speakers Tour Malta and Cyprus


    Date: November 2016 


    In November 2015, Kopin, through SUSY hosted two speakers from Kenya in Malta. They were Benson Ooko and Mariam Adulrahman Tahir from Amani Kibera, an NGO based in Kibera, one of the biggest slums in Africa.

    Amani Kibera’s mission is to improve the conditions of the Kibera community, through the promotion of a peaceful co-existence, education, health and livelihood opportunities for children, youth and other marginalized groups. One of the projects the NGO has been successfully implementing since 2011 is the Uwezo girls empowerment centre, which has the aim to provide girls aged 13 to 25 with opportunities to learn job skills to improve their work opportunities and have an income.

    Ben and Mariam came to Malta with the aim of spreading the word about their experience and establishing possible relations with Maltese networks. During the first three days of their visit, they attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) People’s Forum.

    The Forum was a great opportunity for Ben and Mariam to meet a number of Maltese and international activists that were more than happy to share their experiences and expertise with them. The Forum was also a great opportunity for Kopin to share information about Susy. Through an information stand at the event, Susy staff had a chat with visitors of the forum about the project’s activities not only in Malta but also in Europe.

    Their stay in Malta continued with meeting the Maltese Fair Trade networks(KKG and Sayit) and a representative of the Maltese NGDO network SKOP, whose members were more than happy to welcome them and to learn more about their work in Kibera. After the meeting, SayIt!, through their youth initiative, organised a visit to a school’s space for children with behavioural and social difficulty.  This was very interesting as the girls empowerment centre and this initiative had many similarities, especially their emphasis on informal education and life skill training.

    Even though our speakers had a very busy schedule, Ben still found the time to visit a local football stadium in Ta Qali.  As one of the remits of Amani Kibera is empowerment and youth involvement through sports, in particular through an annual football tournament, this was an especially important request of our speaker, which Kopin team was happy to accommodate.

    Speaker’s tour ended with a wrap up meeting with Kopin’s directors, who had the pleasure to meet Ben and Mariam and discuss further collaboration.  After that the speakers took part in Klimafilm, a film festival organized by Kopin to raise awareness on Climate Change.


    The week was quite intense and fruitful for Ben and Mariam, they were happy to have the chance to meet a lot of interesting people and share experiences and ideas with them.  They were also more than happy to be involved in SUSY and deemed it very important to spread the word about different forms of economy that are aimed at empowering people.



    World Fest 2016


    Type: KKG World Fest 2016

    Date: 14th May 2016- International Fair Trade Day

 Upper Barakka Gardens

    World Fest 2016 @Valetta, Upper Barrakka Gardens.

    On the international Fair Trade Day, (14th May) in Valletta, at Upper Barrakka Gardens, the annual World fest organised by Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust(KKG) was organised. Many social and solidarity enterprises and organizations such as Say it, Simply organic, Anurakiti, Core Green, MOAM and Greenhouse Malta took part.

    The theme of the day was supporting sustainable lifestyles, celebrating Food Sovereignty and aiding fair trade. One of the campaigns was ‘Make Fruit Fair’

    Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust is a Maltese-registered Fair Trade Cooperative. It has been steadily active in the promotion of fair values in trade through learning processes.

    KKG also promotes Fair Trade in Malta through the running of their  Fair Trade shop Hanut L’Arka in Valletta(http://www.l-arka.org). Furthermore, during the Worldfest, there were some items and crafts from Malta, and other from small communities in Latina America, Asia and Africa: enterprises sold their products and show cased their activities and social impact.

    The 9th edition of Worldfest also included a traditional Ethiopian coffee ritual and  different food stands, a public forum on sustainable food, stands with Fair Trade and ethical products, local books, information on upcycling and  the opportunity to do clothes swapping.

    Some organisations presented their work, activities for children and teenagers and live music was provided by some Maltese bands and singers.

     The Maltese NGO Kopin, (legal reg. no.: VO/0200), which works in the field of international development cooperation, global education and refugee support, was present at Upper Barrakka Garden to show off one of its super special projects: SUSY! SUSY is the acronym of sustainability and solidary economics, it is an EU co-financed project locally coordinated by Kopin. 

    The aim of SUSY is to raise awareness on economic alternatives that are not just profit making but have a social impact. .

    At the World Fest, Kopin provided  fun games, not just for Kids but also for adults, to explain and display what sustainability and solidary economics means in general and in the daily life.

    We created a SUSY crossword, included the most important key words of sustainability and solidary economy. We also created a  SUSY Quiz, o people could find out how much they knew about this kind of economy.

    To show  the reality of our current unfair economic system we have designed two other games, such as PIE GAME and CHOCOLATE GAME. The games were different but their intent was to point out the the unequal distribution of wealth. In particular the chocolate game demonstrated the way trade works in favour of rich countries and how the low world market price of raw products, in this case cocoa, means that producers in poor countries end up with a very small share of what we pay for a bar of chocolate.




    Organised by: Koperattiva Kummerc Gust #makefruitfair




    Type: Sustainable Enterprise Award

    Application Deadline: 31st May 

 Enterprise Policy & Schemes Directorate 

    Sustainable Enterprise Awards

    Millenia, 1st Floor, 

    Aldo Moro Road, 



      “Sustainable Enterprise Award”

    For the second year the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business in conjunction with the Cleaner Technology Center, University of Malta wants to promote and encourage micro, small and medium-sized businesses operating in Malta that contribute to and develop Sustainable Practices in their activities.

    The aim of this award is to recognize the enterprises, to identify their strategy that can be replicated in other enterprises and to increase their efforts towards economic, social and environmental sustainability.

    The top three enterprises will be awarded with a trophy, a certificate and a monetary prize for their efforts towards environmentally sound policies or practices that have a social community impact.

    Differently from the first edition, the Award is divided into three main categories, that represent the pillars of a sustainable enterprise, (the categories are directly connected to each other):

    -          Economic sustainability;

    -          Environmental sustainability;

    -          Social sustainability.

    All the businesses that are working towards one of these categories, either due to the nature of their enterprise, or through a particular project, initiative or measure are eligible.

    The reason for distinguishing three categories is to encourage the micro business to apply. This means that business initiatives that employ less than 10 people and have an annual turnover not exceeding euro 2 million. Micro businesses are also looked at favorably during the evaluation process, as they are awarded 5 extra bonus points in the application.

    Due to the fact that the economy of Malta is based on thousands of micro businesses, the focus lies on them to make the difference in developing a better model of business for the entire community. The Ministry for Economy wants to enhance and spread this new, alternative economic model, both through a monetary prize that can support the enterprise in increasing their activities, and through increased visibility creating a ripple effect.




    Organised by/with: Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business(MEIB) in conjunction with the Cleaner Technology Centre(CTC), University of Malta 

    Link: https://economy.gov.mt/en/Awards/Documents/Guidelines


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